Development and QA (Testing) Teams

Digital business depends on seamless mobile experiences

Our USB hubs give you complete control

The right charging.

Intelligent charging for iOS and Android devices. Six charging profiles built into our USB hubs mean you will get the optimum charge for the device.

Connect your mobile devices.

Sync & data transfer at speed you need Easily transfer data and sync mobile devices with the latest technology including Thunderbolt™, USB 3 and USB Type-C.

Control and monitor power and data to every downstream port.

Manage devices with our software tools - designed to make you more productivity, saving you valuable time.

Ready Made Mobile Device Testing Lab

ModIT Smart Docking & Charging Station for 16 mobile phones
  • Securely add a Mini Mac.
  • Store (and lock) 16 mobile phones.
  • Easily switch phones and cables
  • Use with Apple Provisioning Utility (APU) to automate processes
Morning Dew
Morning Dew

Mobile Applications Have Physical Experiences - Make Sure You Can Test Physically

  • Test on real devices - where you need them, when you need, with no time limits.
  • An in-house device lab gives you greater control when accessing development environments.
  • Cloud solutions can be expensive and also limit when and how you can upgrade your devices!

Perfect for shared use

Share devices for testing, do everything you thought possible with mobile phones.

Remove any lag

You know testing on devices via the cloud is slow – so why carry on?
Time is money - don’t waste it with a poor connection.

Lab in a box

Bring all your mobile app testing needs together with the real devices.

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