Refurbished mobile devices

Smart USB hubs to help you process phones and tablets faster than before.





What our hubs enable you to do

Process more phones and tablets faster.

Use our professional USB hubs to quickly erase data on 80+ mobile devices simultaneously with properly scoped hardware and configuration.
We use the latest technology to maximum data transfer and sync speed, meaning you can erase data, wipe and provision devices quicker using our USB hubs.

The right charging - built in and adaptable.

Our smart USB hub is a charger with brains.
It combines six built-in intelligent charging profiles for iOS and Android and the ability to alter these to what works for you with our software.

  • 2.1A : 10W. (Apple)
  • BC1.2 Standard : 1.5A: Covers most Android phones and other devices
  • Samsung
  • 2.1A : 10W. Apple and others with longer timeout
  • 1.0A : 5W. Typically used by Apple
  • 2.4A : 12W. Typically used by Apple

Check the devices in detail

Our USB hubs enable users to check IMEI numbers, monitor battery charge levels and profiling by using data that can be reported back through our API.

Refresh any device

When processing high volumes of mobile devices to resell, repair or recycle, efficiency is crucial.
Using our USB hubs mean you can process 80+ mobile devices simultaneously with properly scoped hardware and configuration.

Integrate Cambrionix smart USB hubs with your favourite tools.

Cambrionix integrates with your favourite tools and platforms to refresh and refurbish mobile devices. Use our API to connect with your existing software or internal services.

Our software is designed to save you time and make you more productive

Battery Health

Check battery health and device charging performance.

Battery Capacity

Check devices battery capacity to receive and hold a charge.


Monitor speed of control and easily switch between charge and sync.


Check mobile devices IMEI, OS version, manufacturer and more.

Cambrionix Software

Our software platforms allow you to monitor and manage mobile devices, tablets etc, via our industrial USB hubs.

With the flexibility of an independent app, or an API to integrate into your software stack, our software allows to integrate data transfer and device charging processes in your workflow.

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