Manage your smart phones smarter

Smart mobile phone charging and docking stations designed to help your staff and patients

Your mobile cell phone storage and charging problems end here

With a modular mobile phone charging station your charging, storage and management is all in one place meaning everything is organised.

As a result, our smart mobile device charging station and solutions make charging, storing and securely managing hospital, BYOD, and patient-owned mobile devices easier.

Download the healthcare use case

Cambrionix managed smart USB hub & mobile phone charging stations tailored to your industry - Cambrionix Charging Bays

Perfect for shared use

Empower shift-workers, share devices for testing, do everything you thought possible with mobile phones.
From IT to health and safety and users, the whole business benefits from a central point of charging and storing and easily share devices without fuss.

Healthcare grade design

ur integrated antimicrobial technology works to continuously minimise the presence of microbes (incl. bacteria, algae and fungi) throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.

Designed to help care-giving shift-workers.

72% of hospital workers cited improved quality of patient care when mobile technology is deployed.

Tap, Grab, Go.

ModIT Smart Docking & Charging Station for 16 Mobile Cell Phones

Charge, provision, and re-provision a shared pool of iOS devices.

It makes using large numbers of shared mobile phones (whatever make or model they are) in your workplace much easier and smarter.

When combined with Provisioning Utility (APU) organisations can control their mobile devices by automating device provisioning, lowering support costs, and improve work-flow efficiency.

Morning Dew
Morning Dew