Apple consultants

Designed for Apple iOS devices and trusted by Apple experts worldwide.

Designed for Apple devices and Apple Consultants

Cambrionix managed USB hubs were designed to work seamlessly with Apple devices and improve processes, enabling you to offer complete solutions for your clients with our innovative hardware products.

Cambrionix hubs do not connect electronically to iPhone, iPad or iPod using licensed technology, therefore we do not need to join the Apple MFi Program. We recommend you use MFi authorised cables to connect your Apple device to our hubs.

Streamline deployment

Streamline deployment and management of Apple devices even at the largest scale by daisy-chaining multiple hubs.

Easily provision devices

Easily provision large numbers for devices from one host computer, making deployment of Apple devices easy and straightforward.

Mobile device management

Setup, manage and maintain devices in scale by partnering our hubs with an MDM.

Charge & Sync

Sync and charge simultaneously iPads, iPhones and iPods, ensuring they are always ready.

Flexible Responsive Layout

Delivering fast data transfer on iOS and macOS

Cambrionix USB hubs transfer data seamlessly on macOS (Windows and Linux as well).

This is ideal for Apple Consultants supporting your customers iOS devices

Designed for Apple integration

Integrate Cambrionix smart USB hubs with your favourite tools

Cambrionix integrates with your favourite software tools and platforms to manage Apple devices, making it ideal for Apple consultants.

Designed for productivity

Partners or solo - control how you charge and sync data.

Charge and connect at the same time with Cambrionix powered managed USB hubs that deliver high-speed charging and syncing to every port and device.

Designed for the future

Our intelligent charging algorithm can be updated to support new devices and charging protocols, ensuring your Cambrionix hub keeps up with market changes.

Designed for charge

A smart powered USB hub that works for you.

Our smart powered USB hub is a charger with brains.

It combines six built-in intelligent charging profiles for iOS and Android and the ability to alter these to what works for you with our software.

And if the built-in profiles don't meet your needs - change them!

Designed to be the best USB hub for data transfer

The fastest data transfer on the planet for Apple consultants.

By using a Thunderboltâ„¢ 3 host port you can transfer data 16 times faster than using a USB 2 or USB 3.2 hub - especially when combined with an Apple computer.

The speed you and your customers needs need for deploying, provisioning and managing Apple devices at the maximum data transfer rate is possible with Cambrionix USB hubs.

Designed for developers

Our software is designed to save you time and make you more productive

Our software platforms help Apple Consultants manage Apple mobile devices, tablets etc, via our USB hubs.

With the flexibility of an independent app, or an API to integrate into your software stack, our software allows to integrate data transfer and device charging processes in your workflow.


Check battery health and device charging performance.

Battery Capacity

Check devices battery capacity to receive and hold a charge.


Monitor speed of control and easily switch between charge and sync.


Check mobile devices IMEI, OS version, manufacturer and more.