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What our hubs enable you to do

Create perfect mobile experiences by testing on real devices with managed USB hubs - improve software testing with our software industry trusted products.

How can USB hubs help your app development & testing?

Fast charging and syncing managed USB hubs make a massive improvement to productivity and your workflows. They are ideal for mobile software and app development, and quality assurance testing teams.

Control and monitor power and data to each downstream port with our powerful USB hubs.

Our powerful hubs are designed to run 24/7 and enable you to run tests on real devices and test on the iOS and Android devices your customers use, whether locally in your own test lab, on-premise, or via a cloud-based test lab.

Designed for developers

Our software is designed to save you time and make you more productive

Battery Health

Check battery health and device charging performance.

Battery Capacity

Check devices battery capacity to receive and hold a charge.


Monitor speed of control and easily switch between charge and sync.


Check mobile devices IMEI, OS version, manufacturer and more.

Integrate Cambrionix smart USB hubs with your favourite tools.

Cambrionix integrates with your favourite tools and platforms to test mobile devices. Use our API to connect with your existing software or internal services.

Cambrionix Software

Our software platforms allow you to monitor and manage mobile devices, tablets etc, via our industrial USB hubs.

With the flexibility of an independent app, or an API to integrate into your software stack, our software allows to integrate data transfer and device charging processes in your workflow.

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